At IIDA, the work is done with passion, innovation, enthusiasm and pride. Bringing you satisfaction is our priority and we strive to achieve that with each project. This is why we seek to understand you fully and to recognise your vision before we approach your project.

Although we believe in the power of our creative juices, we recognise that we are merely the professionals through which your dream can be executed and brought to life. You share your ideals with us and we’ll share the effective and valuable solutions we have. As such, you will closely be a part of the process of the erection of your new commission.

From crafting personal havens to designing luxurious hotels; from building modern and corporate workspaces to recreation venues where style meets comfort, we are adept at a vast scope of international projects.

Our portfolio also includes private villa developments, corporate offices for regional industrialists, retail outlets, hospitality arenas and casinos, each of which will prove to be functional and yet within your budget, embodiments of your style and our skill.

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