Facade of building lit up at night.

”Designing is a multi-faceted form of art in which creative and technical solutions are applied to create a space into a beautiful and functional environment. It’s not just about selling the space or décor, it is about selling the experience as well. The creativity it can exhibit is endless.”

Project Events

606 The Address | Procurement Trip

Of skylines, city lights and horizon; churning innovations from idea.
The trip to the future is shining bright and promising.

Making design work for you is our mission.

Breathtaking View of the Ocean and the City’s Skyline

Prime Grand Ward Place | Soft Launch

Happiness is free. Spending a day with A-list guests who are impressed with the preview of Prime Grand Ward Place.

Indulge in the pleasure of good designs.

Commercial interior showflat located at Ward Place
Colombo 07 Sri Lanka

Prime Grand Ward Place | Show Flat

Understated elegance, entirety of your time is lived out on such relaxing grounds. Lovely getaway feel from the subtle nuances of design best describes the show flat’s ambience.

Coming back home to where your heart is!

We are fluent in the
Language of Design

Inya Myaing | Brain Storming Work Session

Tradition + Innovation + Concepts + Thought Leadership = Eureka!
Brilliance is just one of the things we create well.

Stop waiting for things to happen. We make a point to achieve!

Residential Interior Build-out located at Inya Myaing,
Yangon Myanmar

Inya Myaing | House Blessings Ceremony

Tradition reigns. Out with old energies. Inviting the new energies of balance, positivity, love and safety.

Prayer Room

Welcoming Impression
Luminous Space

Architecture Construction

Residential Architecture Build Out Located at Inya Myaing
Yangon Myanmar

Inya Myaing | Client Invitation

An Asian piquancy of creative induction

We come together 
To feast as one.

Interior Construction

Residential Architecture Build Out Located at Inya Myaing
Yangon Myanmar

The owners’ special love for teak wood resulted in its use as furnishings materials for example, the beautiful fluted panels. Contemporary design marrying traditional essence work magic into the ambience.

Ascot Residence | Brain Storming Work Session

Great minds at work, brewing new ideas for great creations!

Let’s plan great things together!

The Ascot

Final Artist Impressions

The goal was to design a multi-purpose residence as the owner wanted to incorporate work spaces into his living spaces. The brain storming resulted in a grand building where the upper floor is dedicated to be a home office with meeting rooms.

Ascot Residence | Sketch Studies

In preparation of a masterpiece, the excitement of visualising ideas from drawing boards.

Set your soul on fire.
Be passionate. Be awesome!

Dunbar Walk | Client Invitation

Cheers! There is never a great time such as this to celebrate great designs.

Rhythm of Nature

Water Feature

Illusion of Space

By installing jumbo crystal glass as walls, one can enjoy a lush landscape view on the outside from the inside of the house at almost all angles. This visual treatment makes the elongated plot of land seemingly bigger like a “borrowed space”. It is an ultimate luxury.

Hard work pays off.

Architecture Construction

Residential Architecture Build Out Located at Dunbar Walk

Tanglin Hill | Bespoke Swimming Pool

Stunning mid-century inspired tile design is the star of this bespoke swimming pool. Artistic and lovingly handcrafted from England, the tiles exude opulence and a luxurious flamboyance.

Mockup Sample

Work in Progress

Factory setting up and dry lay


The Impression

The bespoke swimming pool is an architectural work of art even when it is not used by swimmers. Spontaneously positioned geometric designs allow a full view of the pool 360º. Gold plated trimmings in varying shades of blue accentuate the visual impact.

The Crew

Life is better when you have a beautiful pool to swim in.

The Bespoke Pool 

Survey Trip

Scouting and soaking up the adventures of the big cities.
Yes, our happy faces tell you that it has been a fruitful trip!

Life is a trip to somewhere.
Always follow your dreams.