Facade of building lit up at night.

”Designing is a multi-faceted form of art in which creative and technical solutions are applied to create a space into a beautiful and functional environment. It’s not just about selling the space or décor, it is about selling the experience as well. The creativity it can exhibit is endless.”

Project Index

Commercial Shopping Mall I Retail Branding

in association with Kaitong Holdings Limited

  • Matro Mall – Suzhou China
  • Matro Annex Mall – Suzhou China
  • Wushang Mall – Wuhan China
  • Wuhan New Mall – Wuhan China
  • Guihe Shopping Centre – Jinan China
  • Hong Yang Shopping Mall – Nanjing China
  • Jin Bao Street – Beijing China
  • Jianghua Lavant Centre – Guiyang China
  • Starlight 68 Plaza – Chongqing China
  • Nanchang Wushang Mall – Nanchang China
  • Grand Emporium – Zhengzhou China
  • Guofang Shopping Plaza – Lanzhou China
  • Wuxi Commercial Oriental Plaza – Wuxi China
  • Haimen Grand Oriental Departmental – Nantong China
  • La Perle Global Mall – Guangzhou China
  • Haiyin U-City Shopping Mall – Guangzhou China
  • Tai Fu Emporium – Changzhou China
  • Wushang Mall Cosmopolitan – Wuhan China
  • Dream Plaza – Wuchang China
  • Wuchang Super Mall – Wuchang China
  • Century Ginwa Plaza – Xi An China