Facade of building lit up at night.

”Designing is a multi-faceted form of art in which creative and technical solutions are applied to create a space into a beautiful and functional environment. It’s not just about selling the space or décor, it is about selling the experience as well. The creativity it can exhibit is endless.”

On the roll

The design team envisioned a simplified approach, where the gaming areas come together into a central hub of activities. The gambling areas are housed within interiors fitted to imbue a comfortable and luxe atmosphere with bold colours, lively patterns and plush textures amidst a neo-classical theme.

The interior design is defined with distinct decorative values which features the floor as a continuous surface of low-pile carpeting in a mix of bold colours and patterns to match the activity ambiance. This area is surrounded by walls cladded in polished wood and with vertical panels of beveled mirrors, brass, marble and terrazzo in black and sand tones.

These activity areas are generally bathed in light projected from above to highlight their decorative value and create the right atmosphere in each area and clearly demarcate interior spaces. Overhead spot and sconce lighting in the gaming rooms make a striking visual impact. A diffuse golden light emanates from above and the sides, which is the crowning decorative feature of this space.

Bally Bellagio MGM Casino
Bally Bellagio MGM Casino
Bally Bellagio MGM Casino
Bally Bellagio MGM Casino

Vibrant and Energetic Entertainment Ambiance

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Photo credits to Bally’s | Bellagio | MGM Casino Colombo